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EE-legal in Leiden

Garrett Winder, our Operations Lead, recently nipped over to Leiden in the Netherlands to speak at the EECI EU 2012 conference.

The EECI EU 2012 conference is Europe’s largest gathering of ExpressionEngine aficionados, drawing delegates from a wide range of countries and with a great line up of top level speakers.

Closing the conference, Garrett’s talk was entitled ?Illegally good front-end? and centred on best practices for structuring websites from scalable, reusable components.

His presentation covered topics such as the anatomy of a website, Erskine’s front-end workflow and our attempts to constantly improve it.

The links below go to the presentation and a few other relevant resources.

You can find other articles on this topic on Garrett’s personal site as well as on our blog, Erskine Labs.

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