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Geek in the pub

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak in Leamington Spa at the regular Geek in the Park event. The event is split into a friendly picnic during the day, leading into an evening of talks on various web-related topics in a local pub.

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Also leading discussions during the evening were freelancer Andrew Disley, Clearleft visual designer Paul Robert-Lloyd and content strategist Relly Annette-Baker. Topics ranged from the blurring of the lines between web and native apps to the Large Hadron Collider.

My talk, entitled ‘Brain science, not rocket surgery’ briefly spoke of some of my personal mantras when developing interfaces on the web. I spoke of designing good perceived affordances (citing in some detail Donald Norman’s thoughts in The Design of Everyday Things), crafting realistic user journeys and the benefits of sensory feedback.

I was very pleased to receive feedback from attendees who appreciated my perspective or believed that I articulated some of their feelings. Speaking publically is always a valuable experience, and I went away with plenty of ideas to implement for my next engagement.

Special thanks go to Trevor Morris and Anthony Williams for organising a fantastic event and inviting me along.

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