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Spring cleaning

Last week we launched a rebuild of the Erskine website, which marks a significant improvement in the way we sell our services to clients and details more about our projects in an open, public space.

First and foremost our goal was to re-write the content from scratch as it no longer represented who we are or how we go about our day to day work. Likewise we desperately needed to take a look at our portfolio by featuring more of an in-depth look behind the design and development process of each project.

After these significant changes to the tone and language of the site (which we’re still tweaking) we focused on the performance, speed and delivery of every asset on the wire. We felt that our old workflow was getting in the way of us actually writing or publishing new sections, thus we needed a quick, lightweight solution. This encouraged us to make the switch to Middleman as our static site generator of choice, but this is so much more than a fancy new development toy, it leaves us with a website that’s lightning fast and incredibly simple under the hood.

What’s next?

In the coming months we’ll be showing more of our work in progress and building upon the foundations we’ve laid in this realignment. That’s because our website is a service that needs to be treated like a client project – we’ve built it with maintenance in mind, so it’s easy to write a simple blog post or contribute to the design system, and even deployment is a breeze.

It’s interesting to go back through some of the old versions of the Erskine site and evaluate how much our process and thoughts have changed over time. Have a look at version one, version two, and version three to get a better picture of where we’ve been and where we might go next.

Robin Rendle
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