Prototyping the Trade Clients app

We created a proof of concept app for trades people and small businesses to help them organise their finances with ease. Our role also involved the documentation and development of branding guidelines for this ambitious startup.

The result

  • A second round of funding was secured for the startup.
The Trade Clients app on mobile and tablet devices
The Trade Clients prototype was developed for mobile and tablet devices

What they said

We’ve enjoyed a mutual search for perfection. I would thoroughly recommend Erskine Design to any other company. Their work is of peerless standard, is delivered without arrogance, and with care and professionalism at all times.

Tom Whittaker, Innovosys

Expanding on an idea

Innovosys noticed the difficulties that tradesmen face whilst working onsite and dealing with certain aspects of their business. Organising client relationships or issuing receipts on demand was unnecessarily strenuous and complicated and time consuming. Innovosys asked us to work on a prototype of a web application, outlining some of their initial ideas to fix these problems.

Instead of creating an app from scratch we wanted to develop an interactive prototype with markup which could be viewed in any mobile browser. Our experience with responsive design would also allow us to quickly iterate as the client formed a better picture of the solution and we discussed potential implementations of certain design elements.

Trade clients prototype
Gradually increasing the fidelity of our prototype

Since this project began before the introduction of iOS7, our design team had to ensure that a new identity was tailored for future changes to the platform. This meant that when iOS7 launched a few months later the app could stand out from a crowded swarm of boring interfaces and icons.

Moving into code

Our designers and developers worked closely to create both a style guide and a set of modular, scalable components, which we then assembled into a full prototype. Throughout this process we continued to increase the fidelity of our designs whilst making the application easier to use. In this manner we could test our ideas in the environment that suited them best, rather than working in static comps that are often idealised versions of the design.

With nothing but a handful of possible features and a vision for the final product we helped Innovosys bring this ambitious service into scope. Subsequently our prototype secured another round of funding for them in order to develop an even more exciting, fully realised product in the future.

Trade Clients logo
We developed the Trade Clients logo and brand identity